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Aardvark Painted by megafanXD Aardvark Painted :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 6 2 Marauman Aipom by megafanXD Marauman Aipom :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 19 6 Magical Rock by megafanXD Magical Rock :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 6 0 Fairy Tentacles by megafanXD Fairy Tentacles :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 12 3 Fairy artropod by megafanXD Fairy artropod :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 10 2 Sea Elephant by megafanXD Sea Elephant :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 9 0 Bandit lizzard by megafanXD Bandit lizzard :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 8 3 Lemur 2 by megafanXD Lemur 2 :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 8 15 Mega Flamuuna by megafanXD Mega Flamuuna :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 10 0 Sun Emperor by megafanXD Sun Emperor :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 9 5 Reaper by megafanXD Reaper :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 6 9 El matador! by megafanXD El matador! :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 7 3 A Horned Frog by megafanXD A Horned Frog :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 9 3 Small Horns Tadpole by megafanXD Small Horns Tadpole :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 5 0 Caravel by megafanXD Caravel :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 11 8 The Jelly King by megafanXD The Jelly King :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 8 2


Co-mission ReallyDarkandWindie by Elazulmax Co-mission ReallyDarkandWindie :iconelazulmax:Elazulmax 19 15 Mimickyu and Iceu (???) by TheBritanniaRegion Mimickyu and Iceu (???) :iconthebritanniaregion:TheBritanniaRegion 13 1 Fakemon: so I heard you like. . .wait no nevermind by That-One-Leo Fakemon: so I heard you like. . .wait no nevermind :iconthat-one-leo:That-One-Leo 18 10 Shiny Toxolotl Palaeotoxin by That-One-Leo Shiny Toxolotl Palaeotoxin :iconthat-one-leo:That-One-Leo 10 0 Teaser 3 by zerudez Teaser 3 :iconzerudez:zerudez 50 9 Daily Fakemon Day 29 - Rustask by mjco Daily Fakemon Day 29 - Rustask :iconmjco:mjco 16 3 Radeedee, Farfetch'd and Doob'yis (???) by TheBritanniaRegion Radeedee, Farfetch'd and Doob'yis (???) :iconthebritanniaregion:TheBritanniaRegion 10 0 Corcheer by Mirror00 Corcheer :iconmirror00:Mirror00 13 1 082 Littail by JESGRAD07 082 Littail :iconjesgrad07:JESGRAD07 45 7 Tin Toys by Darksilvania Tin Toys :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 288 17 083 Devostoric by zerudez 083 Devostoric :iconzerudez:zerudez 634 58 Fornawa 158 - Draxon by BradSimonian Fornawa 158 - Draxon :iconbradsimonian:BradSimonian 76 15 Fornawa 159 - Draxious by BradSimonian Fornawa 159 - Draxious :iconbradsimonian:BradSimonian 93 10 Daily Fakemon Day 23 - Solasola by mjco Daily Fakemon Day 23 - Solasola :iconmjco:mjco 46 3 Daily Fakemon Day 28 - Goldenjoy/Scarbandon by mjco Daily Fakemon Day 28 - Goldenjoy/Scarbandon :iconmjco:mjco 43 4 EGGPLANT FAKEMON FOR SALE by DarkySG EGGPLANT FAKEMON FOR SALE :icondarkysg:DarkySG 15 6



I am astonished how international media (with few exceptions) is silent about what is happening in Portugal.
Sorry for the lack of deviations recently but it is exam's time and I don't really have time to upload...
Marauman Aipom
Aipom, The Long Tail Pokemon
Type: Fighting
Ability: Guts/Inner Focus

Dex Description: Marauman Aipom's tail is used as a support for it to punch and kick at the same time, but the tail can also attack by itself.  Because of the rythmic style of battle of this pokemon humans adopted its strategies calling it the "Apoim Style of Battling".

Biology: Aipom first reached Marauma because of the circuses that passed through the region. At a certain moment a huge number of Aipom broke free and started living in the woods. But their life was not easy at the beginning: they had to fight to keep their territory and they lost the majority of these battles due to their lack of strenght. However, the Aipom decided this could not happen anymore, so they decided to teach their younger generations how to battle. Many years later these pokemon succeeded: The Marauman Aipom was born and started living prosperously in the jungles.

Marauman Aipom --> lvl up while knowing double hit --> Marauman Ambipom 


Huge thanks to Flomantis for the concept!
Magical Rock
Rookova, The Magical Rock Pokemon
Type: Rock/Fairy
Ability: Pixie Signal (Boosts the Special Attack of Fairy types in the party by 25%)

Dex Description: Rookova body is full of stars that shine in the dark. It hiddens its head inside the rest of its body to protect itself from other cave pokemon, making Rookova similar to any other rock on the ground.

Rookova --> Shiny Stone --> ???
If you follow me, you know the region I am working on has some regional Variants and three mega evolutions so far. I am about to post another mega (so long since the last one) , but I hope to make more of them and also more variants. So here comes the porpuse of this journal: Do you have any pokemon you would like to see with a regional Variant? If that is the case do you have any concept/idea you'd like to see applied on it?  And more important: which fakemons of my gallery do you feel that need a mega evolution?
Please give me some feedback,  and if I find your point interesting I may turn it to a variant/mega!  


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