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Voltaraptor by megafanXD Voltaraptor :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 10 0 Marauma's Sigilyph by megafanXD Marauma's Sigilyph :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 10 3 Marauma's Mothim and Marauma's Swalot by megafanXD Marauma's Mothim and Marauma's Swalot :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 6 2 Marauma's Starmie, The Molten Starmie by megafanXD Marauma's Starmie, The Molten Starmie :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 20 5 Pony by megafanXD Pony :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 10 14 Aardvark Painted by megafanXD Aardvark Painted :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 7 2 Marauman Aipom by megafanXD Marauman Aipom :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 23 6 Magical Rock by megafanXD Magical Rock :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 6 0 Fairy Tentacles by megafanXD Fairy Tentacles :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 14 3 Fairy artropod by megafanXD Fairy artropod :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 11 2 Sea Elephant by megafanXD Sea Elephant :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 12 3 Bandit lizzard by megafanXD Bandit lizzard :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 9 3 Lemur 2 by megafanXD Lemur 2 :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 8 15 Mega Flamuuna by megafanXD Mega Flamuuna :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 12 0 Sun Emperor by megafanXD Sun Emperor :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 11 5 Reaper by megafanXD Reaper :iconmegafanxd:megafanXD 6 9


Mega Meganium by Hyperagua Mega Meganium :iconhyperagua:Hyperagua 15 5 020 Mangrow (Ripe Form) by gyaba 020 Mangrow (Ripe Form) :icongyaba:gyaba 11 1 Bullcano by RenyarbOrdep Bullcano :iconrenyarbordep:RenyarbOrdep 3 0 Crablue by RenyarbOrdep Crablue :iconrenyarbordep:RenyarbOrdep 4 0 The Mirror Girl by GuiggaOliveira The Mirror Girl :iconguiggaoliveira:GuiggaOliveira 39 8 A Frog in the Throat by Darksilvania A Frog in the Throat :icondarksilvania:Darksilvania 465 23 UB-15 GOAD by locomotive111 UB-15 GOAD :iconlocomotive111:locomotive111 147 32 UB-13 SACCHARINE by locomotive111 UB-13 SACCHARINE :iconlocomotive111:locomotive111 125 40 Fakemon - Prinsea + Poseifin by FeralGator Fakemon - Prinsea + Poseifin :iconferalgator:FeralGator 24 0 Chiseled Faces by Diamond-Creations Chiseled Faces :icondiamond-creations:Diamond-Creations 19 6 UB-XX RAINBOW by DarkySG UB-XX RAINBOW :icondarkysg:DarkySG 50 21 Meet 3 Thrylon Forms! by WaterTrainer Meet 3 Thrylon Forms! :iconwatertrainer:WaterTrainer 85 9 Anteaters by FrozenFeather Anteaters :iconfrozenfeather:FrozenFeather 44 25 074 Brumboal by Marix20 074 Brumboal :iconmarix20:Marix20 43 11 054 Sandipup by Marix20 054 Sandipup :iconmarix20:Marix20 63 2 Binacle line regional variant by JWNutz Binacle line regional variant :iconjwnutz:JWNutz 115 12



Voltaraptor, The Velociraptor Pokemon
Type: Rock/Electric
Ability: Motor Drive/Galvanize

Dex Description: Voltaraptor are one of the many endemic fossils found in Marauma. These Pokemon roamed Marauma millions of years ago. They used to live and hunt in groups, taking advantage of their extreme speed to chase preys. At night, Voltaraptor channeled their energy to their tail in order to attract Bug-types, one of their favourite meals.

Strange Tail Fossil --> Voltaraptor --> lvl 38 --> ???
Marauma's Sigilyph
Sigilyph, the Avianoid Pokemon 
Type: Psychic/Dark
Ability: Famine (Reduces foe's healing effects to half. Berries included.)

Dex Description: Sigilyph awakes from its sleep to announce Marauma people that dry season is arriving. Sigilyph is also used to protect sacred places in Marauma.

Biology: Sigilyph came to Marauma a long time ago, original from another region. Two of them were given to Marauma's former leader as a peace present. It is believed that Sigilyph mutated to this form due to the contact with black magic.


Thanks for Psyknight72 for the idea! PS:. didn't come out as well as I wanted.
Marauma's Mothim and Marauma's Swalot
Mothim, The Moth Pokemon
Type: Bug/Water
Ability: Intimidate/Water Bubble

Dex Description: Marauma's Mothim intimidates its enemies by showing its wings with scary patterns. It stores water in bags on the top of their heads, which they can use to perform attacks. Mothim is able to create a bubble full of oxygen around their head that allows it to dive.

Biology: Scientis do not understand why Mothim changed its type to water. Some believe that they migrated to rivers due to the quantity of predators in the air, others believe Mothim finds nutrients in the waters of Marauma.

Burmy (Male) --> lvl 20 --> Mothim


Swalot, The Poison Bag Pokemon
Type: Poison/Fairy
Ability: Healer/Lightning Rod

Dex Description: Marauma's Swalot is a docile pokemon that likes to help. They are usually found in Healing Centers helping nurses healing injured pokemon.

Biology: Swalot changed its form because of Marauma population: They started using this pokemon to withdraw poison from other pokemon and people. Nowadays Marauma's Swalot is found all over the region helping nurses and shamans curing those who need.

New exclusive move: Toxin Drain (Poison/Status/--/PP-15/heals an enemy or an ally from poison status, and regen its HP based on the damage the poison did. Max 1/2 HP.)

Gulpin --> lvl 26 --> Swalot
Marauma's Starmie, The Molten Starmie
Starmie, The Mysterious Pokemon
Type: Fire/Psychic
Ability: Natural Cure/Flame Body

Dex Description: Of all Starmie's variants the Molten Starmie is considered the most beautiful. Despite its beauty, Marauma's Starmie is also dangerous: contact with this pokemon's tentacles will leave you with a bad burn!

Biology: Starmie have always lived in Marauma. However, this pokemon mutated to this variant due to their habitats: they lived in hot springs that gradually changed its appearance.

New exclusive move: Steam Flame (Fire-Type/Special/75/PP-20/ 20% of burning enemies, even Fire-Types.)

Staryu --> Fire Stone --> Marauma's Starmie
About the latest news on USUM: Dusk form lycanroc is growing a bit on me and is by far my favorite lycanroc form. However, taking in account the previous forms, it is such a lazy design...
Anyway, can't wait for some more announcements!
If you follow me, you know the region I am working on has some regional Variants and three mega evolutions so far. I am about to post another mega (so long since the last one) , but I hope to make more of them and also more variants. So here comes the porpuse of this journal: Do you have any pokemon you would like to see with a regional Variant? If that is the case do you have any concept/idea you'd like to see applied on it?  And more important: which fakemons of my gallery do you feel that need a mega evolution?
Please give me some feedback,  and if I find your point interesting I may turn it to a variant/mega!  


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